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Um, Your Video Isn’t On The Web?

Have you considered showing yourself on the Internet? I’m not talking about posting some naughty pictures; I’m referring to putting your video creations on a public Web site for international distribution and enjoyment worldwide.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many people already post their videos on their own private personal and business Web sites. However, there are many public sites that are designed to spotlight videos.

In addition to the smaller private business and personal sites, the big boys are starting to play in this area. According to DFC Intelligence, broadcasters ranging from ABC to The WB are rapidly extending their over-the-air signals-franchise online, with almost

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Life In An Aquarium

There are, of course, easier ways to get a close look at frogs. You only have to visit your local zoo, aquarium or animal park to find dozens of interesting amphibian displays. Most commercial terrariums are well designed, well lit and mounted flush with the wall offering you a window into an exotic rain forest environment, complete with ponds and thriving vegetation. Frogs live happily in a terrarium as long as the humidity and temperature are correct, and as long as they are regularly fed. I figured that shooting into this kind of confined space would be the easiest way to capture

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Don’t Take A Fall When Fall Comes

I’d never realized how beautiful a common maple leaf could be until I inspected one closely through my camcorder lens. Every detail of the rich color, texture and intricate veins running through the leaf became clearly visible. To best capture steady close-up footage of these attractive features it’s imperative that your video camera is tripod-mounted. You can either zoom into a single leaf or move the camcorder closer to your subject matter. For this kind of macro videography, you need to pick a day when there is little or no wind moving the branches and leaves.autlv

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