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Remember When “High Speed” Was 64Kbs?

Micro-to-mainframe-link vendors provide higher-speed transmission links for corporate customers who want to take advantage of the fiercely competitive communications market to forge fast and economical links between workstations and hosts.

This new breed of communications products that run as fast as 56K bits per second (bps) will pump data at five times the speed of the now-common 9.6K-bps modem connections in many micro-to-mainframe systems, specifically IBM mainframes.

In the race for fast, efficient links, communications suppliers have turned to high-speed high-performance 3274 emulators and local area network gateways to link PCs to mainframes.

For users, these products mean increased response time and …

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Become Exceptionally Attractive With Anti Aging Creams

aacs2A few months ago, I was a different person. If not for the anti aging creams that I became aware of through the internet, I am definitely still this kind of unpleasant individual. When I was still suffering from wrinkles, I did not want to go out of my room. Despite countless invitations from my friends and guys who considered me interesting, I preferred to spend my days alone. When I was younger, I never thought that wrinkles can actually have this intense effect on anybody.…

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Anti Snoring Pillows: The Best Cure For Snoring

spbcIf you fail to provide a proper rest to your mind and body, it is certain that you not only will spoil your personal health but also the enthusiasm of your body. Many people tend to be lethargic and weak during the daytime, as they do not obtain a good quality of sleep at night. This most often happens in many people due to their habit of snoring frequently. How to stop snoring is a widely asked question in the field of medicine and the answers range from anti snoring devices to pills.…

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