Remember When “High Speed” Was 64Kbs?

Micro-to-mainframe-link vendors provide higher-speed transmission links for corporate customers who want to take advantage of the fiercely competitive communications market to forge fast and economical links between workstations and hosts.

This new breed of communications products that run as fast as 56K bits per second (bps) will pump data at five times the speed of the now-common 9.6K-bps modem connections in many micro-to-mainframe systems, specifically IBM mainframes.

In the race for fast, efficient links, communications suppliers have turned to high-speed high-performance 3274 emulators and local area network gateways to link PCs to mainframes.

For users, these products mean increased response time and faster file transfers between PCs and the mainframe. For data-communications managers, these products make it possible to support a greater number of busy workstations on the same LAN or to run bulky applications at remote sites, such as using a PC connected to a mainframe to drive a 2,000 line-per-minute (lpm) printer or to run mainframe graphics applications.

“Many companies need to send 6M bytes or 7M bytes of data from their PCs to mainframes on a frequent basis,” said Steve Chiu, president of Network Software Associates (NSA) in Laguna Hills, Calif. Mr. Chiu said a 56K-bps controller emulator could reduce the time to send a 7M-byte file from 25 minutes at standard 9.6K bps to five Continue reading

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Um, Your Video Isn’t On The Web?

Have you considered showing yourself on the Internet? I’m not talking about posting some naughty pictures; I’m referring to putting your video creations on a public Web site for international distribution and enjoyment worldwide.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many people already post their videos on their own private personal and business Web sites. However, there are many public sites that are designed to spotlight videos.

In addition to the smaller private business and personal sites, the big boys are starting to play in this area. According to DFC Intelligence, broadcasters ranging from ABC to The WB are rapidly extending their over-the-air signals-franchise online, with almost 38 percent of affiliate sites now hosting some form of simulcast/on-demand content.

Of the approximately 840 major broadcast-affiliated Web sites (including those operated by ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, WB and UPN), 318 host some form of video programming. The broadcast-TV industry has recognized this potential and is jumping in with both feet. You should too.

How To Do It

Years ago, when I went to film school, getting your productions shown at festivals and to the public was very difficult and expensive. First, the actual production was complex and costly. We had to shoot in 16mm film. That required obtaining cameras, sound recorders, and other support equipment, buying lots of raw film stock, and then after shooting the film, getting the film developed. Then I had to cut the film manually and lay in various tracks of audio on mag tape. The audio had to be mixed, voice, music and sound effects cut in, balanced and sweetened. When that Continue reading

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How to Choose The Best Data Recovery Company

Hard drive crashes can be unpredictable and inevitable, and can be especially harsh if you have a ton of video on your drives. You can avoid this completely devastating situation by creating a safety net to fall back. But sometimes a hard drive failure can occur before
video-drivesyour files are saved. You should not be troubled because there are still chances that these files can be retrieved. A data recovery company can help with this.

There are certainly a lot of data recovery firms out there. But the challenge rests on finding a reliable firm that offers retrieval services at a competitive and reasonable rate.

What To Do!
 The first thing that you should do is to obtain the list of recovery firms that are accessible to you. Once you have the list on hand, you should inquire about the services that they offer with corresponding rates. It is not advised to settle on a data recovery service just because their rate is much cheaper when compared to others. But it does not necessarily mean that expensive data recovery services are much better than others. You should not equate the cost to the quality of the services. It is suggested to read the reviews of the previous customers of your prospective data recovery firm. These reviews can offer information which can be helpful in making a sound advice.

A smart user should create a backup for their files. This will save them from being totally burned in the event that their hard drive crashes, which of course will involve emergency data recovery to retrieve all the files. Hard drive failure is difficult to prevent because there are several conditions that can create it. Sometimes the crash occurs before you can save your files. Fortunately, these can still be retrieved with the help of a data recovery firm. But it is vital to be oriented that the extent of damage can influence the number of data that can be restored.

If the hard drive is terribly damaged, it will be difficult to get back everything. The hard drive will be scanned thoroughly if the cause of the crash is a logical failure. A very low-level scan may be needed to search each sector of the disk. You may have to wait for a couple of days before the hard drive is restored to its original condition prior to the crash. If the cause of the crash is a mechanical or electronic failure, a comprehensive knowledge of electronics will needed. The damaged components will be replaced with new ones. The magnitude of damage and availability of the damaged components will influence the length of time of the repair.

It is not easy to determine when a hard drive will crash. Remember that drive failures can be the fault of damage. Hard drive recovery is necessary in these situations. This is for the reason that there are a number of circumstances that can prompt this event. The best thing that a computer user can do is to research about the causes of hard drive crash. This way, he or she will be informed about the things that should be avoided. It is also essential to study about hard drive maintenance. Since it is difficult to predict on when the hard drive would crash, computer users are encouraged to create a backup for their files. It is also crucial to be certain that the components of the computer are in good working condition. This is because damages on the physical components can be contributing factor for hard drive problems.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offer a variety of SSD and RAID recovery services.

Computer users should consider Continue reading

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Customer Service Software: A Time Saver!

cssatsThere are various companies that offer you free Customer service software that you can download from their web site. The primary reason for using this is to automate a time consuming process. You get to use Customer service software instead of hiring people to do the job. While this may be the trend these days as it does save a lot of money on labor, you may find that people of the old school are still trying to get used to it. When you are given a toll free number, you can see the annoyance when you are constantly asked to press one number or another before you can even reach the concerned desk. On occasion, the lines may get disconnected and you have to try again. Before this trend began, one had to go personally to either complain or register your grievance in the company’s logbook.

The whole concept of customer service has taken on a greater importance because of the consumerism to a certain extent.  We spend money to buy the latest gadgets and other household appliances. With such acquisitions, come problems with its repair and maintenance. The product manufacturer must have a support centre that can handle vast volumes of people. Good customer service software has emerged out of this inability to handle the customer base manually. Continue reading

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Life In An Aquarium

There are, of course, easier ways to get a close look at frogs. You only have to visit your local zoo, aquarium or animal park to find dozens of interesting amphibian displays. Most commercial terrariums are well designed, well lit and mounted flush with the wall offering you a window into an exotic rain forest environment, complete with ponds and thriving vegetation. Frogs live happily in a terrarium as long as the humidity and temperature are correct, and as long as they are regularly fed. I figured that shooting into this kind of confined space would be the easiest way to capture some close up frog footage. But I wasn’t aware of all the obstacles I had to face.

Recording LED

Shooting fish, frogs or lizards through the clear glass walls of an aquarium or a terrarium shouldn’t be too difficult, I thought. That was before I realized I was also recording my own reflection. Unless I moved the lens really close to the glass plate, I picked up not only the reflection of myself and my camcorder but also the bright lights shining behind me. It really took a smoke from my latest glass pipe from this online headshop to figure it out. Although, my polarizing filter removed much of the unwanted reflection and toned down the glaring highlights, my own tally light was still clearly visible in the glass. To remove that last annoying obstacle I had to either cover the LED with black tape or turn it off altogether via the menu.

Avoiding Reflections

By shooting through a glass display at an angle you can avoid your own reflection but you may still encounter the reflection of other visitors. If you want to record straight from the front, a rubberized lens hood allows you to place your camcorder a couple of inches away from the glass wall. This technique works well by cutting out any reflection, but on the minus side it will only let you capture a limited area behind the glass.

Wide Conversion Lens

If you intend to shoot larger areas inside an aquarium or terrarium without stepping back and being bothered by your own reflection, a wide-angle conversion lens Continue reading

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Don’t Take A Fall When Fall Comes

I’d never realized how beautiful a common maple leaf could be until I inspected one closely through my camcorder lens. Every detail of the rich color, texture and intricate veins running through the leaf became clearly visible. To best capture steady close-up footage of these attractive features it’s imperative that your video camera is tripod-mounted. You can either zoom into a single leaf or move the camcorder closer to your subject matter. For this kind of macro videography, you need to pick a day when there is little or no wind moving the branches and leaves.autlv

The best camcorder lenses let you focus in the macro range only a fraction of an inch away from your subject matter so you’ll have no trouble filling your viewfinder with even a small portion of a single leaf. Continue reading

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Become Exceptionally Attractive With Anti Aging Creams

aacs2A few months ago, I was a different person. If not for the anti aging creams that I became aware of through the internet, I am definitely still this kind of unpleasant individual. When I was still suffering from wrinkles, I did not want to go out of my room. Despite countless invitations from my friends and guys who considered me interesting, I preferred to spend my days alone. When I was younger, I never thought that wrinkles can actually have this intense effect on anybody. Continue reading

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Anti Snoring Pillows: The Best Cure For Snoring

spbcIf you fail to provide a proper rest to your mind and body, it is certain that you not only will spoil your personal health but also the enthusiasm of your body. Many people tend to be lethargic and weak during the daytime, as they do not obtain a good quality of sleep at night. This most often happens in many people due to their habit of snoring frequently. How to stop snoring is a widely asked question in the field of medicine and the answers range from anti snoring devices to pills. Continue reading

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